St. John's Hebburn

our vision

Commited to Christ-centred Transformation in Us All

First, we are Committed to following Jesus through the Bible and prayer, 
individually and together
The Bible is how we hear God’s good news and purpose for our lives in Jesus. And we speak to God in prayer through Jesus, who died to restore our connection with God. So we encourage each person at St John’s towards daily Bible-reading and prayer. But we also need each other’s help so we do this on Sundays, in small groups, and meeting up 1-to-1.   

Flowing from this, is the second part of our vision, 
Committed to Jesus-centred friendships within our fellowship.    
Our friendships in church are important, but what holds us together isn’t the vicar or staff, or a church warden, or the music or anything about us. We’re united by Jesus and his saving love at the cross. So we want our friendships to be centred on Him. Then we’ll draw closer together in care for each other, just as he cares for us.   

The final part of our vision is to be 
Committed to friendships to share the good news of Jesus.    
We want to build friendships with others, because this is the main way people become followers of Jesus. Over time, as we know people better and love them more, we aim to share the gospel so they also can be forgiven and saved.  

Committed to Christ-centred Transformation in Us All.
 Each part feeds into the other. The more we commit to these things, the more we will all be the people Christ wants us to be.